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It's Time For
A Change

Phoenix Transformational Coaching and Consulting Can Help!

Have you hit a plateau in your work, personal or educational life? Are you struggling to believe in yourself or pursue and achieve your goals? Are you frustrated by your lack of self-discipline with keeping good habits or kicking bad ones?

I offer Life-Coaching for Children, Teens and Women. 

Have an upcoming event that needs a energetic, motivational speaker? I have over a decade of public speaking at events of all sizes for people of all ages! From summer camps, Fall retreats, Women's Groups, school assemblies (K-12th) and chapel messages, in addition to Zoom training events, conference workshops and academic conferences on a wide variety of topics. I offer flexible and custom pricing packages for each event depending on size, distance of travel and days needed. 

Are you a Children's, Student or Family Ministry Pastor who would benefit from an outsider's perspective to kick-off and stimulate ministry growth and efficiency? Your ministry may have plateaued with excitement, energy, volunteerism, leadership or any number of factors that can seriously effect a ministry's effectiveness. I offer on-site and online (Zoom) ministry consultation for churches/pastors with a desire to push past the plateau and reach the next level of growth and transformation! 

Additionally, I am a certified 2nd-Degree Black-Belt in Taekwondo and my doctorate work included Women's Self-Defense training for participants healing from abuse and trauma. Whether you're brand new to the self-defense world or simply looking for a refresher, I offer private individual and small group sessions of Self-Defense training. 


Quad Cities Iowa and Illinois

Zoom Sessions Available Too!


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