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The Journey Begins

I've been wanting to do this for a while--get back to writing a blog. I had an amateur (not that this one isn't amateur!) blog back in my beginning days of ministry. I think its technically still available online but I'm scared to visit the site for fear of what 25-year-old Taryn had to say.

Now that 33-year-old Taryn is at the helm of this blog adventure, there is a least a little bit more journey completed and for the most part, that gives a certain more wisdom to the whole thing. Be forewarned, I'm an expert in nothing. I speak before I think and that often translates to my writing as well. I make lots of mistakes and I do my best to own them.

What's my goal this time around? What do I want? I'm not trying to get famous or start a cult-following. I want what I've always wanted---for God to use my life for His glory in whatever way that looks like. I want to be an encouragement. I desire to make people laugh....or at least chuckle. I want to inspire people to think about old things in a new way. I desire to challenge mindsets, culture, and accepted practices because challenges are a source of growth. I want to educate, communicate and cultivate. I want to share resources instead of keeping them all for myself.

I hope that you fit somewhere in this mix. I don't think we'll always see eye-to-eye but I hope that that wouldn't prevent us from standing arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand.

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